A letters to my ex,

Opened up all my scars under the sky filled with stars infront of you not with a hope that you’ll share all of you with me or cure me with any means. But, I held just a wish that you won’t cause any of the permanent wounds as I have faced a lot already. Shared every incident with you, even those which I could not speak to myself while looking at the mirror.

Well, you were and still are my paradise, no doubt; my favourite place in the entire universe for sure. Even now when I feel like there’s a lot inside me and I hope there’s someone to listen to all my melodramatic statements, I write to you, though I have never sent any. You have always been the safest and the sweetest path to happiness. But, you left.

Neither wishing nor hoping for your return. But the half heart left with me still asks about you, still longs for you. Spoke about the stars with my moon next to me. Yes, you were the moon in my life. Always the one I wanted to look at and write about. Someone I was always so glad when I caught a look of. Someone I held my heart in my hand for. But, you left.

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