Everyday so many people we know or we don’t ask how life’s going. Later, they force their thoughts upon us. Show us how can we place ourselves in the mould the society has created to be called a human. Some act like they have all the experience of the world. They know exactly how every freaking stuff works.

But do they really suggest us selflessly what we should do? Or all they want is some validation to prove themselves right every single time. No one, I repeat no one wants anyone else to be better than them. Even when they wish for our success, happiness, health and wealth, they have the fear of someone outmastering them.

In every ‘I hope you get everything you want,’ ‘Yet be inferior to me’ is silent.

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3 thoughts on “Selfless

  1. I agree with you generally, and I think part off this is because of the society we are living in. But I do think that some people do genuinely want what is best for others, but it takes a lot of maturity and development.


    1. people who genuinally care are really few and mostly our close ones who know they shouldnt dictate oue life, but there is always someone who thinks they can make better life decisions for us just because they have had experiences in their times and thats wrong

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