How can you know what it feels like when you’ve never been in the same place? If you would ever be there, you won’t be able to command how and what I should be doing. How can you dictate my path when it’s not even in my control? Why does everything related to me bothersContinue reading “PUBLIC OPINIONS”


Everyday so many people we know or we don’t ask how life’s going. Later, they force their thoughts upon us. Show us how can we place ourselves in the mould the society has created to be called a human. Some act like they have all the experience of the world. They know exactly how everyContinue reading “Selfless”


Even if this year was the most unproductive one, survival is the best gift we got by the destiny. Glad and grateful.


I was inactive on wordpress since a long time. Have not posted for a while. Apologetic. Had some health issues. You can follow me on instagram for updates. @abstractovethinker


I think of starting a series of writings related to some incidents very close to me and the feelings related to them once I hit 50 followers on my blog and later a contest when I hit another milestone with some other bloggers. So do follow me as I have some really good content whichContinue reading “Hey!”


A tribal female allegedly gang-raped by 17 men. Is this world not for women? How long will the females face this? Can’t we build a strict law so that there’s a complete end to this? Can’t we stop normalising misogyny and sexism? Can’t we let women grow and be independent and stop slut shaming andContinue reading “Women”


A letters to my ex, Opened up all my scars under the sky filled with stars infront of you not with a hope that you’ll share all of you with me or cure me with any means. But, I held just a wish that you won’t cause any of the permanent wounds as I haveContinue reading “A LETTER”


Completed 20 followers. I’m just so very glad. A big thanks to everyone who have followed me. Very grateful for all your support. But I’m receiving no views and likes on my recent posts. Please do comment and tell me if you can see them. Also if you have any tips to share for increasingContinue reading “Hey!”


Living this death, With a furnace-like heart, There’s a storm in my eyes, Silence is my beloved art, Skipping a heartbeat- not an emotion anymore, Feeling your presence is not a bliss, Breaking this connection, I freed my soul, Dreams without you, a dream I no longer wish… DO LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE THIS POSTContinue reading “LOVE AND LIFE”


Came across a random aesthetic song video on YouTube. 15 minutes of me reading the comments and I’m all numb now. Love, relationships, breakups, moving on but still thinking about the past is something so very common and a part of everyone’s life atleast once. Unconfessed stories or being cheated on no matter we faceContinue reading “BITTER TRUTH”


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